New York Band Over Bypass Surgery

The Band Over Bypass Procedure in New York

If you have already undergone the gastric bypass procedure, but have not seen the results you were expecting, then band over bypass may be the solution you have been searching for. At the Tristate New York Bariatric Group, you’ll be working with a renowned team of surgical experts who can and will help you enjoy wonderful success. You can trust in our expertise and our experience, and join the thousands of patients who have undergone successful weight loss journeys with our help.

Band Over Bypass Surgery
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What is Band Over Bypass Surgery?

The Band Over Bypass procedure is a revisional bariatric surgery. It is performed for patients who have already undergone gastric bypass, and who have unfortunately not seen expected results. This means they have had a “failed gastric bypass”, and need a revisional surgery in order to ensure long term success and health.

With Band Over Bypass, a Lap Band is placed over the gastric bypass which was performed. This tightens the gastric pouch which had been created, and controls the passage of food through your stomach and intestinal track. Band over bypass has been proven to be effective for gastric bypass surgeries which led to insufficient weight loss or regain.

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What Counts as a "Failed" Gastric Bypass?

Your original procedure is considered failed when:

  • You lost less than 50% of your excess weight, or have regained weight you originally lost.
  • You have an intolerance to normal foods.
  • Your overall quality of life has diminished following your procedure or you have acquired additional health issues.

For any of these issues, it’s time for revisional band over bypass. Success here, both immediate and into the foreseeable future, is very accomplishable with the right surgical team working on your behalf. You’ll first undergo a comprehensive evaluation to see if you’re a candidate for revisional Band Over Bypass.

Why did my Gastric Bypass Fail?

Gastric bypass procedures can fail for any number of reasons. This includes a stretching of the gastric pouch or stomach opening, or a gastric pouch which was not sized correctly to begin with.

One of the most common reasons for gastric bypass failure is actually the surgeon who performed your procedure. Even qualified surgeons are not all on the same experience and expertise level, and a procedure such as gastric bypass comes with a steep learning curve. Surgeons who do not yet have a great range of experience are more likely to make an error.

At the Tristate New York Bariatric Group, Dr. Shawn Garber has performed 3,500 gastric bypass procedures and 3,200 lap band procedures; Dr. Spencer Holover has performed 1,200 and 1,800 respectively, and the rest of the surgical team is highly experienced and proven as well.  Our surgeons also have regular, ongoing experience in performing revisional procedures.

With hundreds of thousands of bariatric procedures being performed each year, it’s impossible to always end up with the type of renowned surgeons which call the Tristate New York Bariatric Group home. An estimated 6% of annual bariatric surgeries are revisions of previous procedures.


New York Bariatric Group of NYC - Band Over Bypass Surgery

What Should I Expect During & After the Procedure?

Patients will be placed under anesthesia during the procedure. Your surgeon will create five small incisions for this laparoscopic procedure, inserting surgical tools and the adjustable silicone Lap Band. The band will be placed over the gastric pouch which your previous surgery created. The surgery takes less than an hour to perform, and typically does not involve an overnight hospital stay.

Band over bypass results therefore work similarly to how the lap band itself works, tightening your gastric pouch and controlling the passage of food. Your lap band will be connected to tubing and an access port allowing for ongoing in-office adjustments as necessary; either injecting fluid into the band to inflate it and add further restriction, or extracting fluid to deflate it and loosen its restriction.

What are the Risks of the Band Over Bypass Procedure?

Band over bypass is minimally invasive, and is considered a safer alternative than other revisional types of bariatric surgery. Still, the typical risks of any surgical procedure and/or any procedure involving anesthesia do apply.

The lap band itself also carries unique risks, such as the potential for infection of the band or access port, or slippage of the band. Any type of revisional or secondary procedures also carries different, additional risks than the original procedures which had been performed.

Will I Need to Follow a Diet Post Surgery?

In the time immediately following your procedure, you’ll move through a three phase dietary program, lasting two weeks each. You’ll start with an all liquid diet, moving onto certain soft foods, and then incorporating a fuller range of regular foods.

Maintaining the proper lifestyle is crucial to your long-term success. At Tristate New York Bariatric Group, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive bariatric program which includes patient education, ongoing follow-ups and assistance, support groups, and mentors. You’ll also have access to our convenient online store with nutritious, doctor-recommended foods, drinks and supplements.

How Much Does Band Over Bypass Surgery Cost in New York?

Revisional procedures are often covered by insurance companies, however that’s not always the case. It’s important to be familiar with the specific guidelines of your carrier not only for bariatric surgery overall, but for a revisional procedure. We’ll help you through this process, and if you’re unable to obtain coverage, we also offer several financing plans.

I am ready to change my life, what is next?

If you have not seen the results you were expecting with gastric bypass, for any reason, then it’s time to find a legitimate long-term solution once and for all. Band Over Bypass surgery from the expert Tristate New York Bariatric Group can and will work for you. Call our office at 800.633.8446 for more information, and to schedule an evaluation to see if you’re an eligible candidate.

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