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(SILS) Lap-Band Surgery in Connecticut

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery, or simply SILS, is one of the latest advancements in the field of bariatric surgery. Tristate New York Bariatric Group is at the cusp of innovation and technology for weight loss surgery, which means there’s no better choice for SILS lap-band surgery.

Tristate New York Bariatric Group surgeon Dr. Shawn Garber was one of the originators of this form of bariatric surgery, helping to develop it from its outset. Today, he has an unmatched range of experience performing the procedure, and even continues to teach other surgeons how to perform it themselves.

Lap-Band Surgery
Single Incision Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding (SILS)

What is SILS Bariatric Surgery?

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery is an innovative technique which can be utilized for either the lap-band or for gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. In either case, only one small, single incision is made to complete the surgery. This compares to the five incisions which are made during a typical laparoscopic procedure. This single incision technique offers a range of added benefits.

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Benefits of SILS

Weight loss surgery performed via SILS offers the same success and results that their traditional laparoscopic counterparts offer. For instance, multiple studies expound on the results of lap-band surgery, showcasing a mean BMI drop of 15 points in 15 months, or a loss of 61.5% of excess BMI in just 12 months.

While some have questioned the long-term results of the lap-band, comprehensive studies prove otherwise. The largest study of its type showed that lap-band patients maintained significant weight loss averaging 60 pounds 15 years after their procedures.

The benefits of SILS itself include:

  • Reduced recovery time
  • Reduced pain
  • “Virtually scarless” results – most patients have no visible scarring
  • Minimally invasive procedure – only one small incision through the belly button, and no cutting through the stomach muscle
What to Expect During & After your Procedure

With SILS lap-band surgery, patients are placed under anesthesia. The banding is inserted and placed around the upper portion of your stomach. Following your procedure, your band can be either inflated or deflated via an access port and a connecting tube which allows fluid to be injected or removed. The entire procedure takes just one hour to complete and typically doesn’t require any nights spent in the hospital.

With SILS, patients are also placed under anesthesia. The surgeon will create a new vertical sleeve from your entire stomach, separated and closed via stomach staples. The incision itself will be sutured closed, and the procedure takes two hours or less to complete. Most commonly, a single night in the hospital will be required.

Following your procedure, you’ll be provided with more specific care instructions and guidelines.


New York Bariatric Group of Connecticut - Lap-Band Surgery

What are the Procedure Risks?

Both of these procedures include the same risks that any type of surgery carries, as well as any type of procedure which involves the usage of general anesthesia.

For lap-band surgery, specific risks include band erosion, band infection or access port infection, dilation of the stomach pouch, band slippage, or food bolus obstruction. If results aren’t seen or are reversed, revisional surgery may be required. Attention must be paid to following your nutritional guidelines and maintaining the proper diet and lifestyle in order to achieve results.

What Post Bariatric Surgery Diet will I need to follow?

Following the correct post-bariatric surgery diet is crucial to your health and success, both in the immediate period following your surgery, as well as the long term to maintain your results. Immediately following your procedure, you will follow instructions for a two-week all liquid diet. This is phase 1 of your post-surgery diet, with the next two phases, two weeks each, beginning to incorporate solid foods and a wider selection of food choices.

Patients will have access to Tristate NYBG’s comprehensive bariatric support program. This includes nutritional advice and assistance, ongoing education and support, support groups and mentors, and more. You’ll also be able to find affordable and nutritious foods and supplements at our convenient online store.

What is the Cost of Lap-Band Surgery in Connecticut?

How much does Single Incision Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery cost in Connecticut? The great news for many prospective patients is that most insurance carriers provide coverage for obese patients who need to undergo this procedure for health reasons.

At the Tristate New York Bariatric Group, we’ll help you through this sometimes complex process. If you don’t have insurance, or are otherwise unable to obtain the coverage you need, then we also have several different financing alternatives available to make surgery more realistic and accessible for you.

What is the next step to change my life today?

With SILS lap-band or gastric sleeve weight loss surgery, you can transform your body while changing your life once and for all. No more yo-yo diets or failed efforts, only long-term weight loss success which improves and extends your life.

Call Tristate New York Bariatric Group at 800.633.8446 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, sign you up for a free educational seminar, or schedule your initial consultation for lap-band surgery in Connecticut.

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