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Adjustable Gastric Banding with Gastric Plication in New Jersey

By combining two procedures into one innovative weight loss solution, the Tristate NYBG is at the forefront of the newest and most exciting developments for bariatric surgery. We’re now one of a select few clinics involved in a landmark study on adjustable gastric banding with gastric plication, or more simply, banded plication.

Here, you’ll learn more about this exciting procedure and what it offers, and why it may be the ideal solution for you and your needs.

Banded Plication
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What is Banded Plication?

As mentioned, the banded plication procedure actually combines two procedures into one more effective and comprehensive solution. With adjustable gastric banding, the band is placed at the top of your stomach, which creates a smaller pouch to restrict the passage of food and increase feelings of fullness. With gastric plication, the outside curve of the stomach is folded over itself, which eliminates the stomach’s ability to expand.

Taking those two and turning them into one, the stomach fold is right beneath where the band is placed. The result is lap band with gastric plication, and it’s highly advantageous (see more below).

The Tristate NYBG is excited to be able another exciting and innovative choice for prospective patients. We continue the lead the way with the latest solutions, and the best technology and techniques. Combined with our extremely skilled and experienced surgical team, we’re one of the country’s leading bariatric clinics for good reason.

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Benefits of Banded Plication

The initial studies of banded plication have shown incredible promise and potential, and a unique approach to bariatric surgery which is appealing for many patients. One study found that while the gastric sleeve had an early weight loss lead after 12 months from surgery, by two years, banded plication produced equal weight loss.

The procedure accomplishes those results without any of the cutting and/or stapling involved with a procedure such as either gastric bypass or gastric sleeve. Additionally, as opposed to gastric bypass, the intestinal track isn’t altered.

Directly compared to adjustable gastric banding, superior weight loss results are seen with banded plication, at a level of 46.1% to 38.9% of excess weight lost within one year. Further, banded plication is performed in such a way as to reduce the need for post-surgery adjustments as compared to the lap band, and carries a lower risk of band prolapse or slippage.

A third study found that after two years, banded plication helped patients lose an average of 65.8% of their excess weight.

What to Expect During & After your Procedure

This is a laparoscopic or keyhole procedure, which entails only several small incisions in your stomach which are used to insert the necessary tools and equipment, as opposed to a more invasive open procedure. You will be placed under anesthesia and the incisions will be made. Your surgeon will partially cut the tissue and vascular attachments to your stomach along the greater or outside curve, exposing the stomach’s front and back.

Here, the lap band itself is inserted, and is connected via tubing to its access port. The stomach is folded into and over itself directly beneath the band, and is stitched to keep it in place.

The procedure takes two hours or less to complete, and patients typically only have to spend one night in the hospital. Further at-home care instructions will be provided to you by your surgeon.


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What are the risks of the Banded Plication Procedure?

All surgery, and all procedures with anesthesia, carry certain risks with them. Beyond those common risks, more specific risks include band erosion, or infection of the band or the access port site. While not a risk on its own, it’s noteworthy that banded plication is a newer procedure, and doesn’t have the same long-term track record or data of other procedures.

With that said, lap band with gastric plication carries only minimal added risk comparative to the lap band on its own. It is still less invasive, with a lower risk of complication, than the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve procedures.

What type of diet will I need to follow after Banded Plication?

In order to achieve and maintain long-term results, it’s very important that you follow our dietary recommendations and guidelines. Your surgeon will provide you with more detailed instructions, and you’ll also benefit from our comprehensive bariatric program, which includes patient education, follow-up appointments, support groups, and mentor programs.

Immediately following your surgery, you’ll begin a six-week nutritional plan which begins with an all liquid diet. From there, you’ll start to eat certain soft foods, and then more solids, before adjusting to your regular, ongoing diet.

What is the cost of Banded Plication Surgery in New Jersey?

What’s the cost of banded plication surgery in New Jersey? It’s important to remember that this is still an investigative procedure. That means that while most insurance companies provide coverage for bariatric surgery when it’s required for the health of obese patients, it may be a bit more challenging to receive full coverage for banded plication.

However, the good news is that we will guide you through this entire process. And if you are unable to obtain coverage for any reason, we offer our patients with several financing plans to help ensure the procedure is always accessible for those who need it.

I am ready to start, what is my next step?

The time is now to take action, change your life, and be a part of a landmark study with one of the latest and most effective types of bariatric surgery, banded plication. Prospective patients in New Jersey should call the Tristate NYBG at 800.633.8446.

We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions, provide you with more information, and schedule an initial consultation so we can determine if you qualify to have adjustable gastric banding with gastric plication.

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