New Jersey Band Over Bypass Surgery

The Band Over Bypass Procedure in New Jersey

With hundreds of thousands of weight loss procedures being performed each year, there’s an increasing number of people who are not experiencing success, even with gastric bypass. If that’s you, then Band Over Bypass surgery can turn things around, and finally provide you with great and sustained results.

The Tristate NYBG has a renowned surgical team who can and will help you reach your goals for weight loss, and a healthier, happier life. Learn more about this revisional procedure and how to begin here.

Band Over Bypass Surgery
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What is Band Over Bypass Surgery?

The Band Over Bypass procedure is most simply described as a combination of the Lap Band, and the gastric bypass. The surgery involves placing a Lap Band over the stomach pouch which was created during your gastric bypass. The Lap Band functions similarly to how it would originally, tightening your stomach pouch, and restricting and controlling the passage of food.

This is a revisional procedure performed for individuals who have already had gastric bypass. Band Over Bypass is proven to be successful for gastric bypass patients who regained weight, or lost insufficient weight to begin with.

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What Counts as a "Failed" Gastric Bypass?

A failed gastric bypass surgery is any procedure in which the patient fails to lose at least 50% of their excess weight. If you lose weight and then regain it, then this is also considered failed. Additionally, any new health risks, a reduced quality of life, or an intolerance of normal foods, are all symptoms of gastric bypass failure.

At the Tristate NYBG, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your eligibility for a revisional procedure such as Band Over Bypass. Success with this procedure is quite high, and you can and will realize your weight loss dreams.

Why did my Gastric Bypass Fail?

If gastric bypass is seen as one of the most effective types of bariatric surgery, then why or how does it fail? Failed procedures are often, although not always, due to an inexperienced or unskilled surgeon.

With hundreds of thousands of bariatric procedures being performed annually, patients do not always get the benefit of working with highly experienced and renowned surgeons. The gastric bypass is complex, and carries a learning curve.

Surgeons who are insufficiently experienced may size the gastric pouch incorrectly, or perform the procedure in such a way as to lead to stomach pouch or stomach passage stretching. Because of this, an estimated 6% of all annual bariatric procedures are now revisional procedures.

You can rest easy with the Tristate NYBG though, and our expert team. Dr. Garber has performed 3,500 gastric bypass and 3,200 lap band surgeries, Dr. Holover has performed 1,200 gastric bypass and 1,800 lap band surgeries, and the rest of our team is all highly experienced and seasoned as well. As opposed to other clinics, our surgeons are also directly experienced with revisional procedures.


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What Should I Expect During & After the Procedure?

Band Over Bypass is a laparoscopic procedure, involving the creation of several small incisions which allow for the placement of the Lap Band over your stomach pouch. The silicone band is secured in place, and connected via tubing to an access port, which allows for adjustments. Your adjustments can be easily performed down the road, either by quickly injecting fluid into the band to tighten it, or by removing fluid to loosen it.

The Band Over Bypass procedures can be completed in one hour or less. Most patients can even return home the very same day.

What are the Risks of the Band Over Bypass Procedure?

Band Over Bypass is a safer and less risky procedure than other revisional choices. That said, all surgeries involving anesthesia carry certain risks, and any type of revisional procedure always entails added complication versus an original procedure. Specific risks with your new Lap Band include erosion, slippage or infection of the band, as well as access port infection.

Will I Need to Follow a Diet Post Surgery?

The diet you follow after your revisional procedure will be similar to the one you followed after your first procedure — or the one you should have followed depending on the level of instructions you were given. This means you’ll move through a six week period involving three two-week phases. You’ll start with all liquids, and continue adding more food choices and solids along the way as you return to a full and complete nutritional program.

A great deal of your success is dependent upon your lifestyle. We provide our patients with comprehensive education and assistance, support groups, mentor programs and more to help them in their journeys. Additionally, with our convenient and affordable online store, you can quickly stock up on nutritious and tasty foods which have been carefully designed for your post bariatric surgery dietary needs.

How Much Does Band Over Bypass Surgery Cost in New Jersey?

Many insurance providers today do offer coverage for revisional procedures based upon certain specific conditions and guidelines. However, this is not always as easy as obtaining coverage for your initial procedure.

We’ll work on your behalf and help guide you through this sometimes complex ordeal. If you are not able to obtain insurance coverage, we also offer financing alternatives to help make your revisional surgery a realistic option.

I am ready to change my life, what is next?

The Tristate NYBG can help, and provide you with the wonderful life-changing weight loss results you originally wanted. Call our expert team at 800.633.8446 to learn more about your options, or to schedule an appointment to begin your successful journey with Band Over Bypass in New Jersey.

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