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About This Procedure

If you’re weighing your options for how to solve your obesity and related health issues once and for all, then the good news is that there are successful and proven surgical procedures at your disposal.

It’s important that you know all about your choices so that you could not only change your life, but even save it. One such common option is known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, although you may be more familiar with it simply as lap band surgery.

Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery
Lap-Band and Realize Band Adjustments

What is Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding?

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, or the lap band procedure, works with the placement of an adjustable band around the upper portion of the stomach. This segments a small upper pouch (approximately 30 mls in size) of your stomach apart from the rest, with a narrow opening in between. This results in individuals being unable to eat more than a small amount of food in a single sitting, helping to produce rapid weight loss.

After the initial procedure, the band can be adjusted via an access port, either tightening or inflating the band, creating a smaller stomach pouch, or loosening/deflating the band, for a larger pouch. This can be done easily by injecting or removing the fluid within the band, which is connected to a tube and the port.

The Tristate New York Bariatric Group is one of the only clinics to offer the Endoflip technique, which further enhances the effectiveness of the adjustable gastric band.

It’s important to note that with adjustable gastric banding, you are not permanently, physically changing your stomach. You are utilizing a system to restrict its size.

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Benefits of the Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band

The benefits of laparoscopic gastric band surgery begin with your weight loss and body transformation. Typical results include a weight loss of 50 to 60% of excess weight within two years. The largest study of its kind analyzed 200,000 individuals and found that patients followed for up to 15 years maintained a significant weight loss average of approximately 60 pounds.

It was no exaggeration either when mentioned that the adjustable gastric band can save your life. A recent study by the City University of New York found that obese middle-aged adults die an average of 7 years earlier than healthy weight individuals. Obesity is associated with at least a 20% greater risk of death from all causes.

As opposed to other procedures, laparoscopic gastric banding is both adjustable and reversible.

With laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, you’ll fight obesity, extend your life, and be healthier and more able to actually enjoy it.

What to Expect During & After your Procedure

Anesthesia is given to patients who are undergoing laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. This is a keyhole procedure involving minimal external incisions which are then utilized to place a laparoscopic camera and necessary instruments.

The band is placed around the upper portion of the stomach, creating two distinct pouches with a narrow opening. The surgeon will ensure that the band is properly in place as are the connection tube and access port. Once this is complete, the tools are removed and the wound is closed. The surgery itself is typically completed in less than an hour.

Most patients do not need to spend a night in the hospital following this procedure. Normal light activities can be resumed in several days, and it’s recommended to take one week off from work. Home care guidelines and instructions will be provided upon discharge.


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What is the cost of Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery in New York?

Most insurance companies now provide coverage for individuals who are obese and seeking bariatric surgery. This can sometimes be difficult to maneuver however, which is we provide support for our patients to help first determine whether or they are eligible, and then obtain proper coverage. In the event that coverage is not available, we offer several financing plans to make the surgery within your means.

I am ready to change my life, what’s next?

If you’re ready to change your life, then it’s time to get in touch with the Tristate New York Bariatric Group, the renowned experts and leaders for laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery in New York.

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What Risks are there to this Procedure?

Adjustable gastric band surgery offers reduced risks compared to several alternative options. When performed laparoscopically, it’s also offers speedy recovery, with minimal scarring, pain and recovery time. However, several potential risks include:

  • Pouch dilatation
  • Food bolus obstruction
  • Gastric band erodes or slips out of place
  • Infection of the band or port
  • Revisional procedures
  • The risks common of any surgery, and any procedure performed with anesthesia

One risk is not directly to your health but to your weight loss. It’s easy to “cheat” the system and eat unhealthy foods such as chocolates or sweets. Successful adjustments to your diet and entire lifestyle are necessary for prolonged weight loss.

Is there a special diet after the Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery?

Following your procedure, you will utilize our detailed nutritional and dietary instructions to help ease your transition. There will be several phrases of your post surgery diet plan, beginning with an all liquid diet, before incorporating soft foods, and then a wider selection of normal foods. With adjustable gastric banding, over the long-term, maintaining proper portion size is of paramount importance.

In addition to providing you with direct nutritional assistance, we also make support groups and mentors available to our patients. Plus, through our online store you’ll be able to quickly find a range of nutritious, recommended food and drink choices.

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If you are ready to lose weight, you have many options at our Tristate Bariatric Group. We combine surgical expertise, patience, compassion, and the confidence to lead you through the journey to successful weight loss.