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Adjustable Gastric Banding with Gastric Plication in Connecticut

Exciting innovations don’t always come in the form of something entirely new. In terms of successful weight loss surgery, the latest development in the field is just such a case. Instead of reinventing the wheel so to speak, two separate procedures have been safely combined into one more effective alternative.

The result is banded plication — or lap band with gastric plication, a name which showcases its two components. The Tristate NYBG is currently one of just a select few clinics to be able to offer this procedure and partake in an ongoing landmark study. We’re eager to help more people just like you participate, and experience the great benefits of this form of bariatric surgery.

With our renowned team of experienced  and skilled surgeons, and our expansive track record of success, you can always be confident in choosing the Tristate NYBG. Learn more about banded plication here, and see if it’s right for you.

Banded Plication
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What is Banded Plication?

Adjustable gastric banding with gastric plication takes two separate procedures and turns them into one combined solution. Here, you still have an adjustable gastric band which is placed around your stomach, creating a smaller stomach pouch.

In addition though, gastric plication is performed, which essentially will allow the stomach’s outside, or greater, curve to be folded over itself, disallowing stomach expansion. The band is placed directly above this stomach fold, and the combined results are fantastic.

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Benefits of Banded Plication

As with any newer procedure, there is less data available for banded plication than for other procedures. However, early studies have shown fantastic results.

The numbers are great, and there are additional benefits as well. Compared to the lap band, fewer post-surgery adjustments of the band should be required, and the risk of band slippage is reduced. Compared to gastric bypass and gastric sleeve, the procedure is less invasive, doesn’t require any stomach stapling or cutting, and does not alter the GI track (only gastric bypass does).

What to Expect During & After your Procedure

Banded plication is performed laparoscopically, and will involve the usage of anesthesia. Your surgeon will use small incisions to insert the surgical tools and laparoscope, and will then partially cut tissue and vascular attachments to your stomach along its greater, outside curve. This exposes the stomach’s front and back and allows it to be folded down on itself.

The lap band is then placed at the top of your stomach and is connected to tubing and an access port. The stomach is folded right underneath the placement of the lap band and is stitched in place. The tools are removed and the external incisions are closed, and the procedure takes less than two hours to complete.

Most patients spend just one night in the hospital, and your surgeon will provide you with further care instructions upon your release.


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What are the risks of the Banded Plication Procedure?

It’s important to understand the risks of banded plication, and as with all surgeries and procedures involving anesthesia, the same risks apply here. More specifically, there are also risks of band erosion, band infection, or infection of the access port. As a newer procedure, there is not the same type of data on banded plication that other procedures have.

Compared to the standalone lap band, there is minimal added risk of complication, and compared to the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, this is a less invasive procedure with a lower risk of complication.

What type of diet will I need to follow after Banded Plication?

After your surgery, you will begin a three-phase diet. First, for two weeks you will stick to an all liquid diet. Then, you’ll begin to add back certain soft foods, and then, a more complete selection of solid foods. Our online store offers quick and easy access to foods which have been tailor-made for your post bariatric surgery diet.

Additionally, all of our patients benefit from our comprehensive bariatric program. This means you’ll receive one on one assistance, education and follow-up appointments, and that you’ll also be able to attend support groups and be involved with our mentor program.

What is the cost of Banded Plication Surgery in Connecticut?

Determining the cost of any surgical procedure is always an important initial step. Today, more insurance companies than ever do provide full coverage for bariatric surgery when the patient meets their requirements and the surgery is necessary for their health. With banded plication being a newer choice, there may be some confusion on the insurer’s end, which is why we’ll help you throughout this sometimes arduous process.

Additionally, if you are not able to get covered, we do offer our patients with financing options. Our goal is always to ensure that we can serve you and provide you with the procedures and solutions you need for a longer, happier and healthier life.

I am ready to start, what is my next step?

If gastric bypass always seemed too invasive for you, and you were always scared that lap band wouldn’t be quite effective enough, then banded plication is the solution you’ve been seeking. Indeed, for anyone looking for a safe, successful and innovative approach to bariatric surgery, then gastric banding with gastric plication is a smart choice.

Call the Tristate NYBG to schedule an initial appointment and see if you qualify for banded plication in Connecticut. You can reach us at 800.633.8446. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you down the road towards successful, long-term weight loss.

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