Patient Testimonials

Michelle lost 32 pounds with Reshape

“I didn't want to feel that I couldn't do everyday tasks, and I didn't want to feel tired in the day for no reason. The people that helped me through the process were great. They went over my diet plan with me. My nutritionist was always giving me extra ideas as to what I can eat, and she would switch it up a little bit for me. And the coaches were always there, helping me with new ideas for exercise if I got tired of doing something that I was getting in a routine of. ReShape worked wonders for me! It changed my life. It made me a more active person, made me feel better about myself, and made me happier! It was a good experience for me!”

Patrick Lost 65 pounds with ReShape

“I was ready for a change in my life when I heard the ReShape ad on the radio. The timing was perfect. I feel great, with new confidence. I can shop for the clothes I want to wear, and I don't have to buy XXL shirts.”

Virginia lost 72 pounds with ReShape

“I had fallen into a major depression. I was always the life of the party and suddenly here I was overweight, aging, and I was at a wits end as to what to do. I thought this is really what I need. I need the jumpstart. I need the support. And I'm a strong enough person that I can get on with this and be myself again. Just being able to get up and look in the mirror everyday now and smiling at myself and at the new person that I am is priceless.”

Carmelia lost 35 pounds with Reshape

“I ate a lot of fast food. I didn't work out. And it showed. The weight kept coming on. When I started ReShape, it just worked immediately. With ReShape, I've gained so much! A new lifestyle. A new body. A new wardrobe. New friends. A whole new outlook on life. Thank you, ReShape!”

If you are ready to lose weight, you have many options at our Tristate Bariatric Group. We combine surgical expertise, patience, compassion, and the confidence to lead you through the journey to successful weight loss.